Saturday, May 20, 2017

Aurora Party Dress

I had the pleasure of testing again for Sunday Girl Designs.  This time we worked on the Party Dress.  This darling little dress comes together easily with a lined bodice, several skirt options and a lovely petal sleeve option and full skirt.  My daughter fell in love with the floral fabric and we went from there. She was excited to have a new dress for Easter and I was excited to be testing again!  The updated pattern has a narrower sash but this dress is definitely a favorite!

This pattern is available on Etsy in the Sunday Girl Designs shop.  The Party Dress is one of their many great patterns.  Another favorite of ours is the Jane's Plain Dress and Tunic.  We made several of these last summer and she has asked for a couple more already this year! Here's our first from last year!

The Pixie Basket

This morning as I began sorting out my table for the tenth time this month I realized I really needed something to toss all my sewing clips in.  I have had a stash of these for a while but have just recently begun using them and find that they are definitely a great help in my bag making projects!  I made a couple larger bags this week which led me to opening more packages of clips and they were taking over!  A quick trip to Pinterest led me a tutorial for the Pixie Basket tutorial on the Fabric Mutt Blog. She had very clear and direct instructions which made this task a quick and easy and in no time I had a great little basket to fill with my clips to keep them off of the table and all in one spot.  I used some fabric I already had out from some bags I made for my daughter and her best friend who are off to D.C. for their 8th grade trip.  Such a great little end product!  I'm sure I will be making more of these in the future.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jane's Plain Tunic- Sunday Girl Designs

     I recently completed a new tunic for my daughter!  She was so excited about this fabric she had seen (because of the Mom and daughter getting ice cream) and she had to have something new!  I came across a pattern test for the amazing Jane' Tunic and Dress from Sunday Girl Designs!  What caught my eye immediately was the scalloped bottom!  While my daughter is a huge fan of ruffled everything, I love the clean girlish look this top has without being frilly and fluffy.  I am so in love with this and I already have another in the works!

     I was new to Sunday Girl Designs and there are a few things I love about this tunic.  One being the scalloped bottom and the detail trim along the hemline.

     The second thing I loved, which I found during construction, was the great directions and finish for the back placket on the back.  This method was so easy and gave a beautiful finish to the back closure.

     The directions for this pattern were great!  There were so many pictures to guide your through step by step.  I don't often use bias tape and the directions on how to apply this was very clear and the photos helped demonstrate exactly what I needed to do.  I can still use some practice with it but I love the look of the contrasting bias tape and may attempt to make my own bias tape on future tops.

This shirt is sure to be a new summer favorite!  I was so pleased to be able to test this design!

You can purchase this pattern at Sunday Girl Designs Etsy Shop!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Splendid Sampler Block 6

I finished block 6 and love the color combination!  I have decided to start sashing as I go and am off to find a sashing style I like!

Block #6

Splendid Sampler 3-5

Moving right along on my Splendid Sampler!  Working with these small blocks has been challenging me!  I am going totally scrappy on this project so whatever strikes me that day is what I go with for that block and incorporate a creamy Kona solid in each block.

Block #3

Block #4
Block #5

Block 4 is waiting on some embroidery...time to pick up some floss and give it a try!  I don't often do to much handwork when it comes to sewing but I do crochet and cross stitch.  Hopefully I can pick this up quickly!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Splendid Sampler Block #2

Today was a challenge!  Block two of the Splendid Sampler consisted of 36 squares all measuring 1.5" each!  This block also included HST's which are definitely not my favorite and these were tiny.

In making this block, I used some of the tips and tricks I have seen previously about working with small pieces which I am notoriously bad at!  I made sure to starch the pieces before cutting, marked the 1/4 inch on each piece instead of relying on my 1/4 inch foot and I ironed the seams open. All of these came together to make a great block. 

I did aim to go scrappy but then see that part of my block is heavy on the grey and other parts are heavy on the teal.  I also turned the bottom butterflies the wrong way!  Oops!  Next up, sewing on some antenna.

Splendid Sampler Block #1

Today I started a new adventure!  I am so excited to be tackling the Splendid Sampler which consists of 100 blocks delivered at a rate of two a week!  Block one was simple and fun and so appropriate for the Valentine's Day kick off of this project! 

You can find the project blocks at